I find myself using twitter alot more than Instagram these days(@radiogodess ).


And,I've found some artist tweets to be more than just promotions some actually inspire and make my day. I figured you all probably have your favorite artist you like to follow whether on Twitter or Instagram.Let's all agree most things on Twitter also show up on Instagram and Facebook. Well, If you know what's HOT than I'm sure your already following all ten on  your social media pages!

10.-J.Cole-Keeping your feed in beast mode.

9.Rev Run- Everybody needs him as a Uncle!

8.Kanye West- For entertainment purposes.And pop-up concerts!

7.Puff Daddy- Inspiration at it's best!

6.Lil Jon- Because it's Lil Jon-WHAT!

5.Marsha Ambrosuis-Enjoy the candor and live studio sessions.Voice is amazing!

Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images

4.Lupe Fiasco- Stay Conscious

3.Erykah Badu-Auntie's in the house!

2.Jamie Foxx- Just because hes fine!

1.Snoop Dogg- Who doesn't love Snoop,right?

These are my Top Ten artist to follow on social media.You get a glimpse into their day and maybe they inspire yours!Enjoy them with all they have to offer.Lol.

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