2017 Curvention was amazing.I enjoyed myself and the show. This was the 5th Annual Curvention event and it was even bigger and better than last year. From the performaces to the spoken word to each and every single lady getting there Niomi and Tyra on down the walk way. I have to say the ladies steped up there game this year and definitely set the bar high for next year. I had a couple favorite parts of the show but my favorite part was the "BlackOut" scene , I love crazy colored hair and they played one of my favorite En Vogue songs during that scene. Another stand out was ofcourse the start of the show, from the music to the ladies,bold and beautiful entrance ,the energy in the room was high and alive. Shout out to all the vendors and sponsors for the show along with the amazing host of the show John Lajas and Rosemarie.


KeishaRenee and model Chantalay Cain