DJ SHOW recaps this year's celebration of the full-figured woman.

After a year hiatus, the ladies of Curvention were bringing twice the action on Saturday, April 20, 2019, with "Back to Business: Tales of a Phat Girl", displaying fashion, entertainment, confidence and curves.This was the sixth Curvention in seven years, in which I've been a part of three (2015, 2017 and 2019).

Curvention 2019 Flyer
Curvention 2019 Flyer

Curvention is the celebration of the full-figured woman. Unfortunately, modern society has not been kind to thicker women, despite the fact that the average dress size for a woman is size 16. To combat the negative stereotypes that come with being a woman with size right here in the Capital District, Curvention was created to promote self-love and confidence.

Every year, the production continues to grow. Evidence of this can be found in the choice of venue for 2019, the Washington Avenue Armory. The ladies strutted their stuff on the stage and runway and KILLED it. My host more than held it down. And, of course, I did what I always do and rocked the Armory until they kicked us out.

Let the visuals do the talking... Check out the recap preview video shot and produced by the homie MOORETHANVISION as well as the videos of this year's models below.

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