Hey, it's Thursday, many of us are still on the grind, shaking our heads, not our booties and counting down the minutes til the weekend!! And as I'm getting my grind on this song popped in my head and brought me back to 1999.....Throw back Thursday!! Let us take it back shall we??

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The year was 1999 and to be quite honest I can't remember what the hell I was doing ...hmm, well, I had just entered the world of radio not knowing what an amazing twist and turn my rollercoaster life was about to take! I also know that I had finally embraced my big ol booty, (got it from my mama and my Italian ancestry) and slowly many of my preppy boyz from back home were also digging women with big ol butts! FINALLY! ABOUT DAM TIME!  And then this song came out, and that was it! It was on! Not to mention , it was Mos Def for Christ's sakes!

What were you doing in 1999?? Any good memories for you?? Hopefully this song sparks some of those good ol day memories for ya! Sit back, relax, the weekend is almost here and listen to " Ms Fat Booty!" with me and pay homage to women with big ol booties!! And if you have one, be proud of what your working with!