R. Kelly returns to the R&B game with a new song called 'Tear It Up.' The smooth ballad reunites him with Future, whom he collaborated with on 'Parachute' from the rapper's debut LP, 'Pluto.'

On the freaky ballad, Kellz is extremely upfront about his bedroom prowess as he details how he's going to satisfy his lover.

"I'ma tear it up / Yeah, I'ma chop, screw it / Never waste time, girl / Let's get to it / Lay your body down / Got you feeling like you never / When I ask you want you want, you say do whatever," he sings in a stop-and-go flow.

Later in the song, Kelly vows to turn it up in the bedroom, singing, "I'ma blow your back out / I'ma break the bed / I'ma get it hard babe / I'ma pull your hair / I'ma get down right freaky up in here."

Future plays Kelly's wingman and provides some seductive lines with his guest verse. "We're gonna have a sex cipher / Chop it down like a lifer / Huge, Michael Jackson / Future, 'Thriller,'" he raps.

'Tear it Up' may not be the most romantic song in the world, but for a bedroom banger (excuse the pun), this should work for lovers who want to skip the foreplay and get right down to business.

According to the radio rip, courtesy of V103 Chicago, the song will appear on R. Kelly's upcoming album, 'Black Panties,' expected to arrive by year's end.

What do you think of the song? Is it a turn on or a turn off? Tell us in the comments below.

Listen to R. Kelly's 'Tear It Up' Feat. Future