The carjacking capital of the country may be Newark, NJ but the nation is seeing an increase in stolen cars. Lock your doors, roll up your windows, take your keys if you have one of these popular models!


Carjacking & car theft has seen a rise in the last 20 yrs, according to Do you own one of these popular models? If you do, don't be the next victim or statistic! These vehicles were the most stolen vehicles last year.

Okay, whew! (sigh of relief) My baby is #9 on the list here but hold up! Wait a minute! The 2012 Nissan Altima & these other 2012 models are the most stolen 2012 models as well according to

Oh no!! My car tops the list according to this study.  Where does your vehicle stand?That's reason enough for me to get that Benz I always wanted, since luxury cars seem the least stolen.

Heard of ghost ride the whip, now its time to GPS the whip.

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statistics courtesy of , read full article below:



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