North Carolina elementary school teacher has resigned after his decision to read a gay-themed children's book to his third-grade class led to controversy in the small town of Efland.

Omar Currie read “King & King” tells the story of a crown prince who has “never cared much for princesses,” and ends up marrying another prince. The book, first published in the Netherlands, was released in the United States in 2002 by Tricycle Press in Berkeley. The American Library Assn. notes that it was one of the most challenged books in the country in 2003 and 2004.

Was this really necessary ? Kids in the third grade don't need to learn about any kind of sexuality gay or straight. In Omar's defense I have never read the book King and King, but it makes me think this book will make kids ask questions that parents might not want to face at 8 years old. Like what makes a gay relationship different than a straight relationship ? Then it leads to questions about sex. Who feels like explaining straight or gay sex to a 8 year old, who isn't going to understand it? Everyone has their own agenda and when educating small children you have to put your agenda out of the way and educate them the way their tax paying parents want them to be educated.

There are literally a million other subjects that this science teacher could've been exposing these young minds to. This is the one he chose because its his personal agenda. Children will learn about sexuality in due time, if he was that interested in teaching about sex, he should teach high school students.  I know being gay isn't all about sex but that is the only difference in a gay relationship and a straight relationship, is how the couple has sex. 8 Year olds are not ready for that.

Interested thing about this whole story is it seems like a plot for attention, he wasn't fired, he quit and already has a youtube page set up for more exposure. He will probably write a book and get rich.  I used to live close to this part of NC and he knew the people of that town are very conservative and would not be for this, all of this seems a little pre planned.