All this back to school talk this week of course has sent me into a week of rewinding and reminiscing about my younger years when I was back in school. Do you feel me on this? So why not take it back with a hip hop video and spark up some memories shall we?

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The year was 1993 , and for me, I was entering my Senior year of high school at Mohon, shhh, don't tell anyone what an old lady I am ok?? I loved this year of music! Hip hop and rnb was on fire if you ask me. Yo Mtv Raps was probably still on tv, well , Mtv was actually probably still playing music videos period then ..... Mtv used to play music videos in case you didn't know.

Anyhow, I remember my high school honey?? lol,  driving around with his Kicker speakers in his tricked out Grand Am bahahaha!! And this was one of the CASSETTE singles he used to blare as he cruised through the Cap Region over and over and over again, I could hear him approach my house to pick me up it was so loud, I'm sure my neighbors hated it but I loved it! Sorry!

Let's take today back with LOTUG! (the Lords of the Underground) and feel the funky flavor of Funky Child !! Still a classic and a favorite of mine, hope you enjoy folks!!!

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