back to school

Track Your Kid's School Bus
Soon the kids will be going back to school and you will worry when they get on and off the bus. Now there is an app so you can track where they are when they are on the bus to and from school.
You May Have Purchased Toxic School Supplies
Tests recently performed on many 'back to school' items including crayons, water bottles, 3-ring binders, and markers could cause leukemia, birth defects, and potentially severe behavioral and developmental problems. The results of the test were released on Tuesday and some of the products…
TBT: Take it Back Thursday!!!
All this back to school talk this week of course has sent me into a week of rewinding and reminiscing about my younger years when I was back in school. Do you feel me on this? So why not take it back with a hip hop video and spark up some memories shall we?
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School is back! Several area schools have been changing around schedules to prevent tardiness. At least one local school has decided to start later (8:30am) to help kids get to school on-time. They’ve tried opening EARLIER in the past, thinking that if kids got out earlier they would…
What’s Banned In Schools This Year?
Classrooms are becoming a lot less fun these days.  More and more rules are being implemented every year.  In some schools, kids can’t give hugs.  Energy drinks, even sex-ed classes, are banned in some schools.  Oh yeah, you know that healthy stuff called milk?&nb…