Take it Back Tuesday:Return of the Mack
What is going on Cap Region and all y'all across internet land?? A couple lil birdies told me that you are having a tough Tuesday in regards to work and school today.....so, I thought, I need to help remedy this problem, and take it back with a happy tune, that I think universally people of all…
TBT: Take it Back Thursday!!!
All this back to school talk this week of course has sent me into a week of rewinding and reminiscing about my younger years when I was back in school. Do you feel me on this? So why not take it back with a hip hop video and spark up some memories shall we?
Take it Back Tuesday!!!!! TLC style!
Well, if you know me , then you know that I love to take it back with music, rewinding and reminiscing about the good ol days!! There are soooooo  many classic gemz out there when it comes to Hip Hop and RnB, and that's one of the many reasons why I am part of the HOT fam, to take you back…
Boyz II Men Is Back AGAIN!
Look out! The Boyz II Men tour bus was sighted by many this morning on their daily commutes to work on 787! Motown Philly is Back again in the Albany Area!