Look out! The Boyz II Men tour bus was sighted by many this morning on their daily commutes to work on 787! Motown Philly is Back again in the Albany Area!

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Welcome back Boyz II Men! They have performed in the Albany area many times over the years and it's fab to have them back!

A friend has just informed me via text message that their tour bus is parked at a hotel near the airport. Now this doesn't necessarily mean they are inside, but the point is they are here and they will be performing later on tonight on the same stage as 98 degrees and NKOTB as part of  the "Package Tour." ( Eh Hem - A female had to come up with that idea!) Show is going down at the TUC, enjoy yall if you plan on going!

Let's take it back to the days of bright colors, Michael Bivens, and some hot dance moves! Get your Motown Philly on!!