With Christmas upon us, last-minute shoppers are running to the malls to finish out their gift lists. Meanwhile, others are waiting eagerly for their online orders to actually make it to their homes. And although people, especially children, love Christmastime because of all the presents they'll be getting from Santa, the holiday is more than just the latest electronic device or fad toy wrapped in shiny paper.

Aside from what's waiting for us under the tree, this is the time of year when many people not only become more charitable but also reunite with their loved ones, especially those who are far away. And while hip-hop and R&B videos have been known to focus on the crazy turnt up parties and what happens between the sheets, there are visuals that depict family and helping those who've fallen on hard times.

From Chris Brown and Kanye West's adorable videos with their daughters, to the reunions that go down in Chance the Rapper and Destiny's Child's clips, here are 10 Hip-Hop and R&B Videos That Show the True Meaning of Christmas.

  • 1

    "Little More (Royalty)"

    Chris Brown

    Chris Brown has released several videos from his just-released album, Royalty. While some of them are visually appealing, there are other, which are considerably NSFW. However, Breezy's visual for "Little More (Royalty)" takes a more fatherly direction as he brings his baby daughter, Royalty, in front of the camera. While it does start off with this frenetic nightmare-ish sequence, by the end of the video, you see him blow bubbles with his adorable sweetheart and have a tea party.

  • 2

    "Only One"

    Kayne West

    Chris Brown isn't the only one who wants to show off his bundle of joy. Kanye West does the same with his tender video for "Only One." The gloomy weather doesn't seem to bother them as Yeezy and North walk through a field and just enjoy the simple pleasure of being outdoors together.

  • 3

    "I Got You"


    Ciara proves that father-daughter relationships aren't the only sweet things you can watch during Christmastime. Her video, "I Got You," pays tribute to her son, Future, Jr. From the moment she reveals the news to her parents to a high-fashion photo shoot at the end, not only do we get their special moments but also how much Ciara really does love being a mom.

  • 4

    "Girl on Fire"

    Alicia Keys

    Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" may be meant to empower the Renaissance woman who takes on everything. However, there is a scene in the video that shows the importance of family during the holidays. Alicia depicts three generations of females prepping vegetables for dinner -- bringing us back to those family times in the kitchen.

  • 5


    Destiny's Child

    While Christmas reunites us with family, it's also the time we get together with old friends. And the bond between Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams is evident and that's why we love to watch it. So even though Destiny's Child's video for "Girl" may be meant for depicting the time you got your friend's back after a breakup, it also reminds us of the good times we have with friends that we don't get to see except during the holiday season.

  • 6

    "Step in the Name of Love"

    R. Kelly

    From "Ignition (Remix)" to "Backyard Party," R. Kelly has a knack to for making that quintessential party track. But his video for "Step in the Name of Love" brings the carefree fun during the holidays. While the clip may be set during warmer times, you can't help but want to two-step with your favorite relative and just have a laugh before Christmas dinner.

  • 7

    "A Song for Mama"

    Boyz II Men

    Boyz II Men's "A Song for Mama" may be the perfect tune for Mother's Day. However, the video, which takes clips from the 1997 film, Soul Food, gives us the highs and lows of getting together for a meal with your family. Who doesn't love that scene when the Simmons' family gathers around the table for some good home cooking?

  • 8

    "Sleigh Ride"


    TLC's "Sleigh Ride" is the only true Christmas video on the list. However, there's a reason this is the perfect selection for the list. While it shows a big house party, the visual also conveys heartwarming scenes that range from helping out the hungry to snuggling up with your bae.

  • 9

    "Family Matters"

    Chance the Rapper

    If the song title didn't hint at it enough, Chance the Rapper's video for "Family Matters" proves that your relatives aren't the only members of your family. While there are clips of the Chicago artist with his relatives before a show, it also shows moments with his band, which honestly become one's family when on the road as long as Chance has to be during the year.

  • 10

    "You & I (Nobody in the World)"

    John Legend

    John Legend had a gem on his hands with the empowering visual for "You & I (Nobody in the World)." And while it focuses on beauty's definition, it's the heartwarming moments with loved ones midway through the visual that really shows you what Christmas should be about.

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