What is going on Cap Region and all y'all across internet land?? A couple lil birdies told me that you are having a tough Tuesday in regards to work and school today.....so, I thought, I need to help remedy this problem, and take it back with a happy tune, that I think universally people of all ages, shapes, and sizes love! Or may even consider a guilty pleasure...

bildwerk, flickr

"Return of the Mack", by Mark Morrison popped in my head for some odd reason when people started calling and texting me today about how terrible this Tuesday is. I thought, ya know what, some may view this song cheesy, some may sing it loud and proud, but at the end of the day, because we very rarely hear it anymore, we all love it deep down inside and hold a very special place in our hearts for this 90's rnb hit.

So on this Take it Back Tuesday, we are rewinding to good ol 1996!! So long ago! I had "Return of the Mack" on a CD single and I am pretty sure I was working at NRM music in MOHAWK MALL! Mmm hmm, right across from Footlocker on your way down to the movie theater. Oh Mohawk Mall, how I miss thee!! And working there, oh what fun we had!! Shouts to my boys Justin & Kevin and girly girl Pam on this!

Alright lets take it back shall we, before Tuesday is done and over with !! Sit back, relax, distress, and get your CHAIR DANCING ON!! Cheers!