45 Years Ago
The story behind Diana Ross' farewell single with the Supremes is way more complicated than the song's sweet lyrics would have you believe.
35 Years Ago
It was the novelty hit that legitimized an entire genre of music. Released on September 16, 1979, the Sugarhill Gang's ‘Rapper’s Delight’ introduced hip-hop to the world: to the black, white, red, brown, purple and yellow.
20 Years Ago
Boyz II Men avoided the sophomore jinx with their Grammy-winning album, 'II.' The Boombox takes a look back at the project's success for its 20-year anniversary.
Wonder of The Day: What’s Your Favorite Love Song? [VIDEO]
I took it back on my show today with Ne-Yo's, "So Sick." A heartfelt r&b joint, about love songs, and how they can haunt you after break ups. And I got to wondering, about love songs. What is my favorite love song? Do I even have one anymore since I have been living th…
Monday Music Motivator
Will this Monday ever end? I feel like we get robbed of our weekends. Sundays roll around, you wake up, and bam!!! Next thing you know it's 8pm!! It's a conspiracy I tell ya! And now, here we are stuck, feeling like we will never get home or get out of work at least. We need a little motiv…
Wednesday Warm Up: Wu-Tang Style
Well, I am going to state the obvious and say it's cold as a mother trucker out there folks!! I gotta warm it up and bring it back with a song that will warm us up, hopefully.
Hot 99.1 Throwback to 1991!
Throwbacks are a fav of mine, I don't care what day of the week. I had an old R&B ditty pop into my head today so I had to share. It def is a girly song, but guys, you may enjoy it too.
Wednesday Warm Up
Did you know that it isn't even officially winter yet?? Mmm hmm, Mother Nature lovvesss messing with us Cap Regioners, she does, she does!! So, I took it upon myself to find a song and video that will help warm us up on this Wednesday.
Take it Back Tuesday:Return of the Mack
What is going on Cap Region and all y'all across internet land?? A couple lil birdies told me that you are having a tough Tuesday in regards to work and school, I thought, I need to help remedy this problem, and take it back with a happy tune, that I think universally people of all…
Happy Hump Day!
Yes, yes, we know Mr. Geico camel, it's HUMP DAYYY! And a Happy Hump Day to all yall Cap Region!! Gotta throw it back since we made it half way up this hump of week and give you a little treat don't I?? Hell ya! How bout some Foxy and a very young JIGGA!!
Throw Back Thursday: I Love Your Smile!
Can you see the weekend peaking it's head around the corner?? I sure can and that dam well makes me happy! You too right?? Thursdays are always a happy day it seems especially when we throw it back, this time to a happy, smiley, 1990s RnB hit!!
Hot Thursday Throwback – Run DMC
I'm in rare form today.  You could blame it on being one step closer to the weekend or all the Red Bull I've been consuming but, really - it's all the throwbacks I've been bumpin' today.  Makes sense to me!  Throwbacks go hand in hand with Thursdays!  Don…