Justin Timberlake Is Crying Us A River
Justin Timberlake issues a public apology for Getting Caught Holding Hands with His Co-Star: “I Drank Way Too Much.” Oh did you now?
Come through with that public apology to Janet Jackson bruh, don’t act like we forgot. Justin Timberlake has issued a public…
Bill Cosby Speaks
Almost a year after the Bill Cosby allegations; first started flying around Bill Cosby has finally addressed the issue at hand.
ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News
Bill Cosby tells ABC’s Lindsey Davis,
“My point is, ‘OK, listen to me carefully...
Is This Jay-Z's Son ?
This 21 year old young man
Do you believe that Jay-Z has a 21 year old son ? Rymir Satterwaite has attempted unsuccessfully to obtain Jay Z’s DNA. But Jay Z dodged the process server by giving the court his Manhattan work address. But Rymir’s dogged determination is c…