Even after allegedly making a fake call to 911, and making false allegations against black youth, a Cohoes police officer is still allowed to collect on his pension.

Is this a case of white privilege or is it a case of blue privilege? African Americans have been saying that police are planting evidence and making false reports against them for decades. Here is a case in New York where the officer was caught red-handed, and he still did not have to suffer any consequences!

According to Atlanta Blackstar, on June 6 Cohoes police officer Sean McKown called 911 and conjured up allegations that a group of black youth showed up near his Elizabethtown home, and he had to fire shots at them to get them to leave.

When the state police responded to the officer's home, they found him intoxicated and asleep. Once the responding officers were able to talk to McKown, he told them that he was involved in a gunfight after he confronted a group of black youth holding their phones in the air. At one point, he even said one of the juveniles raised up his shirt and displayed a gun. He then went on to say that he fired 4 times before he got rid of them.

McKown later admitted that he made the whole thing up because he was frightened by noise on his property and he discharged his weapons. He did not want to admit that he was afraid. Unfortunately for him, his neighbor's surveillance video captured him ditching the gun.

In other words, the officer made up a ridiculous story blaming black kids for his misconduct. Responding officers said that McKown denied being intoxicated, and stated that he did not even remember calling 911.

McKown has not been disciplined by the police department. Instead, he’s allowed to use up his sick leave until he retires later on this month.

Local officials stated that it’s cheaper and more efficient to just ignore his misconduct and allow him to retire. They acknowledged that his actions were “conduct unbecoming a police officer”, which is an offense that could lead to termination.

I’m calling this a case of white privilege. I know police officers personally who have been fired from for far less. What McKown did was a crime and he should be punished for it. What do you think?

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