The Albany Police Department is investigating the theft of a child’s wheelchair from South Ferry Street on Thursday. It belonged to a little girl who’s already been through a lot.

According to News 10

The little girl is 5th grader Phiona Williams she isn't paralyzed but walks with a limp the result of being shot twice last September at her Port Wentworth, Georgia home where police say Rocedric Thompson opened fire on Phiona, her mother Monique Williams, and uncle Timothy Williams, before turning the gun on himself. Phiona was the lone survivor.

Phiona recently relocated to Albany to live with her grandmother Linda Williams. She attends Kipp Tech Valley School where Phiona relied on her wheelchair to navigate the long hallways.

Who steals a wheelchair? Especially one that had to be smaller than a regular wheel chair because it is for a little girl. Albany PD is investigating and hopefully they will find the girl's wheelchair hopefully the thieves will see who the chair belongs to and give it back.

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