Albany PD is under fire again, just after the indictment of an Albany Police Officer who is now facing criminal charges for assault. Another Body Cam video was released today of an Albany Police Officer mimicking oral sex while handling a mental health patient.

Here is what happened according to Times Union:

ALBANY — A video clip from an Albany police officer’s body worn camera shows another cop miming oral sex as a Castleton woman is being detained by police, footage shared with the Times Union shows.

Brittany Kilcher, who has made a slew of allegations against multiple police agencies, said she was unjustly taken into custody on a mental health call in June last year after a confrontation between her and instructors of Albany’s Citizens Police Academy.

Realistically, in my opinion, this isn't that bad, no one ended up dead or raped. On the other hand, someone would have to ask why would a police officer do this while on duty? Then you have to dig even deeper and ask why would law enforcement do this to a mental health patient? That is why everyone is on alert. Also, the officer's actions make you question if the officer would do something like this on camera, what would he do off camera?

This is a concern because when your dealing with mental health patients there is little room for joking and that seems like exactly what this officer was doing. This isn't the climate for sexual jokes on women let alone a woman with mental issues. Unfortunately, there is no way a police department can avoid issues like this unless the employee robocop.

It seems like Albany PD is doing a great job of exposing bad police work. My theory is people will continue to do dumb things, officer or civilian. Just deal with them accordingly.

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