Justin Timberlake issues a public apology for Getting Caught Holding Hands with His Co-Star: “I Drank Way Too Much.” Oh did you now?

Come through with that public apology to Janet Jackson bruh, don’t act like we forgot. Justin Timberlake has issued a public apology after he was photographed getting a little too comfortable with a woman who is NOT his wife. Obviously it spread like wildfire over social media and dude had to come out and apologize since you know how people run with things based on a picture. In his Instagram post, he said the rumors about the incident are “hurting the people I love.”

Well, he’s not the only one at fault here. Yes, he took vows, but when are we going to hold these women accountable for throwing themselves at married men? His co-star knows he’s married, and you know there are paparazzi following everywhere, so why are you holding hands with him?

JT says he should be setting a better example for his and Jessica’s 4-year-old son, Silas Randall, and apologizes to his wife and family for putting them through what he calls an “embarrassing situation.” I didn't even know Justin Timberlake was married.

You know what else was an embarrassing situation? The Super Bowl. Apologize for that, NEVER FORGET!

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