This 21 year old young man


Do you believe that Jay-Z has a 21 year old son ? Rymir Satterwaite has attempted unsuccessfully to obtain Jay Z’s DNA. But Jay Z dodged the process server by giving the court his Manhattan work address. But Rymir’s dogged determination is coming to fruition.

“Ultimately the case will probably be settled out of court,” Lillie Collie, Satterthwaite’s legal guardian, told Radar exclusively.

“We’ve been going through this since 2011 and it has gotten to the point where the family just wants it to be over,” Collie added.

In addition to the 45-year-old rapper’s 3-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, Jay Z allegedly has a 12-year-old son, Isa Jael, who lives with his mom in Trinidad. He reportedly purchased a mansion for the boy’s mother and pays her a monthly stipend to stay out of his and Beyonce’s lives.

I think if this guy was really Jay-Z's son he would be dropping a rap album in hopes of making some money. This seems like a scam and if he gets a pay day out of this be ready for millions of Jay-Z's kids to come out of the wood works.