Remember a couple of months ago the Albany Police Officer who fatally shot and killed a pimp/robber in Utica, while soliciting prostitution, has finally resigned from the force. This sounds like something out of a movie:

According to WKTV, Christofer Kitto has pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired.
WKTV is also reporting that the charge of patronizing a prostitute was dropped. Albany Police confirms to CBS6 that Kitto has resigned from the Albany Police. He is expected to pay a $500 fine and will have a licence suspension of 90 days when sentenced.

This whole event was crazy, I'm surprised it took him this long to resign and move on with life. Everyone makes mistakes but if you are caught participating in an illegal activity you shouldn't be involved in law enforcement. He didn't go wrong shooting the man who was attempting to rob him he should've never been soliciting in the first place. The prostitute's pimp would stil be alive and he would have a job. There is no telling what this officer was doing while on the force especially when he got caught up breaking the law. He is lucky to have his freedom to pursue another career. Hopefully, he doesn't end up in another town breaking the law while working in law enforcement.

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