It seems as if this year the flu is at an all time high, more people than usual have been sick on and off this winter season. Last Friday Niskayuna Birchwood elementary had to close its school doors and cancel school because so many staff and students were out due to the flu. According to The Times Union the school has to undergo a major cleaning as more than half its students and facility were sick. Studies have shown that there is 22% increase in flu cases this year than previous years.
The Influenza, often referred to as ‘flu’, is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses, according to the state Department of Health web site. People are advised to wash their hands and if you have any flu like symptoms then stay home for at least 48 hours so germs don’t spread.
The agency says most people who get sick with flu will have mild illness and will recover in less than two weeks without medical care and that getting an annual flu shot, staying home while sick, washing your hands often, help prevent the spread of influenza. Hopefully the flu doesn’t take over completely as we are in the middle of the winter season,  I have noticed a lot more people than usual getting sick this year and myself I have been sick like twice already .

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