It seems like every day we wake up we hear about more and more people getting infected with the virus and, more and more places and things are getting canceled due to large gatherings and concerns on spreading germs.

In more recent news the President of the United States is calling the virus and scare a "hoax" meaning a humorous or malicious deception. Meanwhile, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has already canceled on- campus classed for SUNY schools for spring semester bringing them to do classed online only and ST. Patricks Day in the Capital region is Canceled as well.

Flights are on a standby leaving the country and not allowed to fly into China or Europe at this moment and other international ports. To call this a "Hoax" is a bit of an understatement. Here are the latest cancelations on events, games and more due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

1) St Patricks Day parade in the Capital Region is canceled

2) Albany Patroons cancel reminder of their games

3) NBA is suspending the reminder of the basketball season

4) Coachella and SXSW Canceled

5) SUNY schools will only provide online classes for spring semester

6) All Broadway shows are canceled and postponed

7) Princess Cruise line will be suspending its service for the next 60 days

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