According to a new survey, researchers say chocolate maybe a better solution to suppress a cough than conventional cough syrup. Which might be good news for anyone who wants to fight a cold quickly but doesn't like the taste of cough syrup.

Researchers in England took over 160 people with coughs and either gave them cough medicine with codeine, or a chocolate-based medicine called "Rococo."

And two days later, the people who used the chocolatey stuff reported a "significant improvement" in their symptoms compared to the people who took normal cough medicine.

There is actually science behind this so it might not be a mistake. A previous study found it might have to do with a certain alkaloid in chocolate that works as a cough suppressant. So does this mean that just EATING chocolate can help with a cough? Survey say's YES.

Before you go and buy a bag of Hershey's kisses for your next cold. The researchers used a chocolate-based medicine in the study, but say that sucking on a piece of chocolate can help too. Try to eat some Chocolate next time you are feeling under the weather and let me know how you feel.

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