It seems as if the coronavirus is still at large. Business’s have slowed up , hospitals are busy and no one seems to know when there will be an exact cure for this new virus.
The thing with viruses is they have to cure up on there own rather than be treated with an antibiotic like you would strep throat or pink eye.
Since the news broke of the coronavirus spreading there are now more new cases confirmed in the USA since its first outbreak. Doctors are still urging everyone to take proper precautions when traveling and if you are having any flu like symptoms to go to the doctors.
A lot of people are worried about there future travel plans according to News 13 reporter spoke with AAA travel agent on concerns traveling outside the US and basically it’s up to you if you want to travel or not . AAA rep Ricard says to get travel insurance just in case you cancel your trip. “We're still seeing a great deal of travel. It's based on the location they're traveling to whether it's for work or pleasure people may be changing where they're going, but they're still traveling,' Ricard said.
Im turning 30 this year and my Jamaica trip is all planned and booked. Hopefully within the next month or so the virus talk dies down . I don’t think I’ll be canceling my plans however If it seems to get worse then I rather stay out this way.
Remember to wash your hands always and if you are feeling sick seek a doctor.

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Credit: Getty Images
Credit: Getty Images

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