Donkey of The Day goes to Famous Dex after he and Soulja Boy were throwing shots at each other on Instagram live. This maybe the first time I have actually seen people fight over IG live. Famous Dex didn't appreciate Soulja Boy mentioning that he flew him out to his home before he was famous.

Famous Dex was signed to Soulja Boy's SODMG record label and the affiliation was the first time I heard of famous Dex back in 2013. Famous Dex went to Instagram to threaten and taunt Soulja Boy, then Soulja boy inviting him onto his Instagram Live Feed and chaos ensued.

Soulja Boy and Famous Dex got into a heated argument about absolutely nothing and then went on to threaten each other, which led to Soulja Boy shooting gunshots at his phone and taking off his jacket. Check out Charlamanges rundown of the buffoonery below :

What a terrible way to start the year.

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