The English language is changing and evolving so fast to keep up with society's ever-changing needs.  It's evident how popular and mainstreamed social media has become, especially when Merriam-Webster Dictionary acknowledges the use of social media terminology adding such phrases as "selfie" to the dictionary!

Words like "selfie," "hashtag," "babybump," "tweet," and "Catfish" are so mainstream by  the world's growing use of social media slang that Merriam-Webster Dictionary has added such phrases to its 11th edition, according to

Back in the day, the dictionary was used in English class to help you look up, understand, and memorize "SAT" words that were long and confusing. The dictionary was pretty boring and heavy to say the least! Now even the dictionary is too cool for school LOL!

I was surprised when the slang word "Bootylicious" made popular by Destiny Child's song "Bootylicious" made it to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary! The list of words are ever changing, being added because the slang used in social media continues to grow and society keeps coming up with new stuff to talk about!

I actually had a friend just recently say to me they didn't know what a "selfie" was! Hey, if you don't know what any of these word phrases mean,  just look it up!