Safety comes first, even when it comes to dating. I’ll never knock someone for trying out these dating apps, do what works for you!

Where are my folks that use Tinder? Today the dating app rolled out a safety feature called Noonlight which will allow it’s users to input upcoming dates on a timeline, including who they're meeting up with, where they're going and when they'll meet. So if you are on a date and you don’t feel safe or something is feeling weird or off, you can silently trigger a response on Tinder. Dispatchers will then contact you and alert emergency responders if necessary.

Now some will say, if it has come to this then no one should even be trying out online dating. This is the way of the world now, we have to adapt to our surroundings and what has been happening on these apps.

It’s no secret that woman have been raped, men set up and robbed and some even killed through some of these dating apps. Props to Tinder for adding a safety measure to their app to make sure everyone continues to have fun and remains in a safe environment with their date.

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