Oh, so THAT’s how you do it, eh? The twerk craze is getting out of hand. Sure, as a man that enjoys the site of a gorgeous woman shake her jelly, I appreciate the maneuver. But if you aint got azz, keep that caboose in your seat! This video has gone viral, but it’s not because the girl knows how to twerk.

When I first saw the video, I thought it was the chick from Nightmare Before Christmas. Look at her, she’s absolutely GORGEOUS! But damn, b…. Somebody’s gotta get this girl a butter sandwich with a side of deep fried everything.

If she keeps twerkin like that her tail bone’s gonna pop out the skin. I’m not trying to bully her. I genuinely like her. I just want to help. I’m gonna buy a commercial slot during the Super Bowl this year. It’ll go something like – “For just one penny a day, you can feed this starving twerkaholic.”