Function meets fashion with these “Pic Nic Pants” from Italian design firm Acquacalda.

The capri pants / jeans are extremely unsightly and often remind people of a flying squirrel suit or MC Hammer’s pants from “Can’t Touch This”. We’ve seen a lot of April Fools jokes over the past couple of days, so we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they ‘fessed up.

The fashion world has been surprisingly tame with their feedback – with some calling them “impressively bizarre” and others wondering why the firm didn’t go with gingham instead of denim.

Either way socialites with a predilection for not wearing panties could benefit from a pair. Although we have a feeling they prefer the publicity their privates get in the tabloids.

Maybe some baseball teams could give these to their catchers? Would be impossible for the batter to steal signs.

[Via TheWeek]

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