New York's Invasive Species Awareness Week concludes today but that doesn't mean they have stopped invading. We need to take this knowledge forward while we are fishing, hiking or boating and stop the spread of these bugs, fish and plants.

In this particular instance we are focused on one specific fish. This species has been spotted in the Hudson River near Poughkeepsie and officials are trying to keep it from making it's way to area lakes. They can't do it alone so this is where you come in. Are you prepared to kill this fish?

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NYS DEC are taking aggressive measure to prevent the Round Goby, one of the biggest threats to NY waters, from making it's way to Lake Champlain. According to Patch the DEC look to incorporate electric field barriers, air bubblers and double-draining to keep the fish from further invasion.

The Round Goby, a bottom-dwelling fish, came to New York in the 1990's from Europe and Asia. These fish not only consumes much of the available food before native fish can, the Roby also eats native fish and their eggs. They have also been known to transmit Botulism to water birds. Badgerland Fishes
Badgerland Fishes

We are bolstering current invasive species surveillance education and taking a hard look at the immediate threats posed by these water-borne invaders to implement the most effective strategies that will protect our fisheries, wildlife, and local recreational economies today and into the future. - DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos 

The Round Goby is abundant in both Lakes Erie and Ontario. It has become increasingly more common in the state's streams and lakes during the last decade. The key going forward is to prevent further invasion.

Catch it? Kill it and leave it on land.

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