Are you having a bad day? It appears that there are a few Albany men that are not only having a rough day but their frustrations have been captured on video and posted on social media. Now the confrontation has gone viral! I will warn you, the language you are about to hear is NSFW or perhaps many other places that you might be watching this.

The participants are a store employee, one customer with an issue and another customer offering "life lessons".

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Watch the video below, provided by akhtarsohail4 on TikTok. The scene is an unidentified store located on Quail Street in Albany. We spoke with the videographer who explained that the man in the white shirt just started flipping out on the store clerk and couldn't be calmed down. The man in the dark shirt tried to passionately reason with him but it was no use.

Is this pandemic frustration or just waking up on the wrong side of the bed? We can't say for certain but in 2022, if someone is going to lose their cool, it will be caught on video. This TikTok is on it's way to 2 million views.


Here are some quotes from the older man. It will give you an idea of what you are about to see and hear. NSFW

Older Man

    • "Life is too damn short for this $$$$ right here!"
    • "You are being disrespected? Move the #### on! Who Cares?"
    • "You want me to say it? You are being a Bit##"
@akhtarsohail4 After affects of Covid 😀😡 An African guy was harassing a corner store employee and other customer dude pressed him well! #AlbanyNY #alllivesmatter ♬ original sound - Akhtar Sohail

@akhtarsohail4#AlbanyNY#alllivesmatter#covid19♬ original sound - Akhtar Sohail

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