Ever dream of living the island life on Lake George? Dream away at this stunning $8.4 million Lake George mansion.

This is one of those Lake George homes that would be an absolute dream to live in, and this one has caught my eye a couple of times over the years. This beautiful Green Harbour Lane mansion that rests on a Lake George island was actually listed for sale a few years ago and now is back on the market on Zillow for $8.4 Million.

Some of the stats on this beauty will blow your mind:

  • Would 11,500+ square feet of living space, 20 bedrooms, and 10 bathrooms be enough to accommodate your family and guests?
  • How about 3.3 acres with beautiful views on a Lake George island with almost 1,600 feet of shoreline?
  • How about a little side hustle renting out 33 boat slips?

Stats and details are nice, but the pictures I posted a few years ago (Which you can see below) of this stunning home for sale tell the real story of what the dream-life in a mansion, on a sweet Lake George island, would really be like. Happy real estate viewing!

Lake George Island Retreat

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