We all get strange things in the mail mostly bills, but this Halloween season New Yorker's are receiving a strange playing card with a joker on it and it's been smeared with something that looks like blood with Halloween Day 10/31 written on the card. Here is what happened according to Fox News 11.

Homeowners in Henrietta (Monroe County) have said they went out to get mail from their mailboxes and found a playing card with the Joker on it inside the mailbox. On the card, the date '10/31' had been written with a red smear below it.

Strange right, there have been several residents who received the same playing card. This sounds like the script for a horror movie.

Michelle Myer, said 5 other neighbors of hers also got the same piece of mail but with no other instructions. They don't know if it's warning of an upcoming prank, a notification of a party, but either way, the residents are not amused.

This might be a Halloween prank it might be a Halloween warning. Either way, I'm happy I haven't received one of these SAW cards. Only time will tell what they're for, but let's hope it's just a bit of ill-conceived fun. Happy Halloween!

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