Saturday April 6. Join Hot 99.1 own Shyy - "witt 2 yz" at Fuze Box, located at 12 Central ave, Albany, NY for the #MusicMatter show case. A show where independent local artist  come to show off their musical talent. Music is life, culture, feeling and all around us it can sometimes make you cry, laugh, and motivate but more importantly bring everyone together doesn't matter your race, color, ethic background, or where you grew up, we all connect though music. That is what #MusicMatter stand for, present by, Dj Hollyw8d doors open at 9 pm, $10.00 cover fee. Come enjoy the vibe - #issavibe. Hosted by Shyy - "witt 2 yz" repping Hot 99.1 #Flavainyaear. Come and enjoy the culture of music.

Line up:

Ar Randy

Lay Brooks


Queen Barz

Tee - Kay V

Apollo Rai

Livi Drippy


SF Wooh 

Jedi Rydar

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