Here we are yet again, facing our least popular day of the week. Don't let Mondays get the best of you! Instead of a motivational Monday quote, I decided to give you a motivational "Mama Said Knock You Out!"

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Think about songs that motivate you. That move you. That inspire you. That make you want to yell "hell yeah!" You know, those songs that are like a large cup o' coffee that just wake you the eff up and get your brain functioning!

For me, "Mama Said Knock You Out," by the very one and only LL Cool J has always been one of those songs for me (circa 1990). It makes me want to kick some ass and take some names! Therefore I am sharing this video with you, because this is the attitude we need to have each and every Monday to make it through.

If you're in your office, try to control yourself from throwing your paperwork around! If you are on the treadmill be prepared to run faster and sweat harder!! And if you are driving, please, please, keep an eye on your speed....this song definitely will amp you up!! Monday, we are gonna knock you out!! RAH!! WONDER SAID KNOCK YOU OUT!!