Happy Monday!! I know , I know, what's so happy about it right?? Well, you have to admit it is a beautiful day here in the Capital Region, and pretty soon many of us will have something to look forward to on Monday nights.....

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I vowed every Monday I would give you WWOW and I am a woman of my word, so here youuuuuu go!

As a kid, there are some things you looked forward to. You looked forward to Charlie Brown during Halloween and you looked forward to Monday Night Football. --Nick Ferguson

See, didn't that just make this Monday feel 10x better!!  Have no fear, Monday Night Football will soon be here! And then for a few months, we will all be looking forward to our Mondays , well, those who love football of course! I can hear the NFL theme song in my head right now.

Enjoy this beyond gorgeous Monday my friends to it's fullest, football lover or not - Let's make Monday the new Friday!!