Yup! Can you believe we are back here AGAIN?? Well, who said Mondays were necessarily a bad thing?? Who started this dirty rumor?? Why do we hate Mondays so?

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 I have no idea who, or what force made us hate Mondays so much, but, we shall overcome this feeling of disgust!  (perhaps because it’s back to work for most )

But, have you stepped outside today? It’s gorgeous out!! I had a rough time rolling outta bed this morning too, trust that!  Throw Alicia Keys on, ya know , her single “New Day” this will make you look at Monday in a whole different way, I promise!

AND – Check out my Wordz of Wizdom for today, from the one and only #23 himself, the great Michael Jordan!

Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.  –Michael Jordan

Enjoy your Monday, let’s make it the new Friday….let’s take this week by storm and own it, don’t let it own us dam it!!Teach it a lesson and slam dunk on it's azz!


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