So weeknights I like to turn up the sexy on HOT After Dark, not only by playing sexy R&B joints but by having some adult conversation! Last night's Love & War question had the Internet a buzz! Let’s see what some of you thought of the Love & War question last time on HOT After Dark.

LOVE & War ? poses a stimulating question each night on HOT After Dark. last night on LOVE & War? I asked do you take care of ya boo when they're feelin under the weather? What are some of the things you do that would put a momma's healing touch on ya sick boo? Whether you are male or female it really doesn't matter, you should take care of your boo when they are sick! Especially this time of year when flu season is about to hit!  Please share your thoughts on love each night for LOVE & War ? by posting to Facebook, Twiiter & calling/texting in to The LOVEline @ 518 336 5991! Let's see what Facebook friends had to say about this!



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