Valentine's Day is the day of LOVE, Amore, hugs, kisses, romance...has cupid shot you with his arrow? Do you have a Valentine? LOVE is in the air despite the bitter cold so we have to Heat things up!

Okay so all this snow & bitter cold temperatures has put a damper on Valentines day, but it's February afterall, were we expecting sunshine & 90 degree weather? With Valentine's Day only a day away, that leaves with very limited time to pull off some romance! Even if your ballin on a budget & have limited funds cause Valentines Day can get expensive.  Follow these simple & affordable tips:

Set the mood: candlelight, dim the lights, light a fire in the fireplace.

Prepare a meal: A delicious home cooked meal is the way to anyone's heart! (male or female)

Give a gift: Doesn't have to be expensive. A single long stemmed rose, chocolates & a card.

Play some r&b: Dig out your favorite Boyz 2 Men, Tyrese, Luther Vandross, Teddy P, Jaheim, Joe, Avant, Brian McKnight etc etc slow jamz r a must!

Set the table: Use a nice tablecloth, candles & break out with the good plates & silverware

Romance: Men, women love to feel loved & appreciate the little sweet gestures. Hold hands, snuggle, kiss, hug & maybe dance in your living room just the two of you!

Make a toast: Utter sweet nothings, raise a glass & whisper sweet words.

Make it sexy: Ladies, a little sumthin sumthin in red goes a long way with ya man! Men are sexual & visual creatures so they are pretty easy to please!

Make it freaky: Role play with some massage oil!

Happy Valentine's Day! I see a baby boom comin in 2015!