After watching it get hot and heavy on the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta this summer, the series came to a dramatic end last week. With the finale behind us, that means two reunion episodes, which will not only answer all of your questions but bring to light more drama that we didn't see play out on this season.

One thing that makes this reunion show different is the "clap back," where cast mates get a chance to respond to comments that others on the show made on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Afterparty. So this only makes for more dramatic entertainment.

After host Nina Parker congratulates Momma Dee on her nuptials, she asks Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez about their status. They both agree that the relationship is fine, but it's clear the two have an agreement to not necessarily combine business with pleasure anymore. Nina further questions this, and Joseline admits that she gets frustrated that Stevie doesn't tell her things and works with new artists when he could just be working to build up her career.

On the flip side, Mimi Faust and Joseline are clearly still oil and water. We didn't get to see Joseline throw any punches at Mimi this time around, but the two don't get along and probably won't -- ever. Mimi admits that she has no particular problem with Joseline; she just thinks Joseline isn't a nice person in general.

While Karlie Redd's role on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta felt more like the town crier in fairy tales, she is put in the hot seat for stirring the drama pot. After Joseline hit her with a bouquet of roses in the season finale, Nina wanted to get her take on things. But before Karlie can explain herself, Joseline butts in and calls her a "messy friend." Although Karlie defends herself and says she's just trying to be a good friend, the rest of the women in the studio beg to differ. They question the fact that she's ready to spill the tea on everyone. So where do her loyalties lie? Karlie continues to say that she is friends with everyone.

But that doesn't end there. When the spotlight moves to Yung Joc's women troubles, it's not just about Khadiyah Lewis and Sina Bina. Karlie gets involved the moment that she accuses Joc of repeatedly telling her that he wanted to smash her at the wedding. While Joc denies this, Joseline says that she even heard that. Meanwhile, Sina shares that she still sleeps with Joc, a statement the rapper quickly shoots down. He even accuses his baby mama of spiking his drink, which caused him to suck chocolate off her toe earlier this season.

The conversation shifts to the beginning of KD and Joc's relationship, which supposedly happened while he was still with Karlie. KD denies this, but Karlie quickly interjects and even takes her earrings off because she's so frustrated that Joc isn't keeping it 100. The rapper quickly says that if he is going to be accused of infidelity, he will just leave the stage. However, it's clear that KD isn't feeling the conversation, especially since Karlie keeps saying that Joc is a liar and she's just looking out for KD. But when asked on the status of her relationship with Joc, she says they are together but defers to him about whether or not it's an actually committed relationship.

One outburst we didn't see coming was the one featuring Erica, Scrappy and Bambi. While it's common knowledge that Bambi and Erica hate each other as well as the child support issues between Scrappy and Erica, their argument erupted during Joc's segment. And although security did have to break up the screaming match, it's clear that they have a lot to discuss next week.

Next on the chopping block -- the Rasheeda Frost and Ashley Nicole feud. Rasheeda and Erica Dixon both admitted they were wrong but could only really laugh about the whole situation that happened at the hotel room. Ashley admits that she has a "flirty nature" about herself and even apologizes to Kalenna and Tony Harper in case she was giving off that vibe to Kalenna. When asked why she didn't just tell Rasheeda about being gay, Ashley said Kirk knew since he signed her but he tends to keep things from Rasheeda. A fan inquires about which lady Ashley would like to hoop up with and she quickly went for the Puerto Rican Princess.

Nina then brings Nikko London and Margeaux Simms onstage with Mimi, Ariane Davis and Stevie to talk about this book deal. Nikko says that he got the book done, buy Mimi denies it all because she had no part in it. And on top of that, Joseline actually sides with Mimi and starts blasting both Nikko and Margeaux. Things do get a little heavy when Nikko starts to call out Stevie for not fighting him that one night earlier this season and proceeds to challenge him to another one. Security quickly rushes up to the stage the moment Stevie gets to his feet. However, the situation is quickly diffused.

Joseline and Jessica then duke it out onstage. And although the audience was expecting Joseline to pull some crazy stunt, the two talk it out. The ladies even reminisce about the times they were stripping Miami. And by the end of the conversation, they end up hugging. See, Joseline can make friends.

Part one of the reunion special ends with the ongoing drama between Joseline and Mimi, but this wasn't one that anyone expected to hear. In an episode of the Afterparty, Joseline admitted that Mimi was also her bitch. So when Nina asks Mimi if she ever had a threesome with Joseline and Stevie, Mimi doesn't answer the question with a yes or no. However, Joseline accuses her of lying. And unfortunately for us, we get to find out the story next week. So do you think they did? Well, you'll have to tune in next week to find out.

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