Now before you think this is some rap beef, it’s not.

Papoose had to lay down some mature relationship advice to Joe and call him out on the premiere of Love & Hip Hop.  Now I don’t know if Papoose should talk on another man’s love life seeing as though his wife caught a case over a stack…..but let me tell ya’ll what happened if you didn’t watch it. 

Papoose said: "One of the things I'm noticing is that you not acknowledging you was wrong for having that in the phone, You supposed to cater to your woman. Treat her like a queen. You proposed for a reason bro, don't throw that away so fast!  She left, you know why? That shows a woman ain't gon' tolerate you doing wrong." Budden said that "it shows you lack effective communication as an adult." "In that case, if you're saying that about her, when she looked in your phone and seen that, it shouldn't have been a surprise," said Papoose. 

What he’s talking about is Cyn going into Joe’s phone and seeing a bunch of pictures of women that shouldn’t had been in there, perhaps she saw some inappropriate messages as well.  Brotha’s I don’t know how many times I gotta tell ya’ll, but LOCK YOUR PHONE UP.  If shawty isn’t your wife, why are you leaving your phone unlocked just asking to get caught out there?  Do I feel Joe was wrong?  Yea, especially if the perception is that you are in a committed relationship and you asked her to be you wife – if you are contemplating marriage with this woman you gotta come to the table with clean hands. 

I need all my men out there to get you a friend like Papoose.  He gonna call you out on your BS and keep it real and things in perspective. 

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