People are not responding well to Cardi B’s sister Hennessey’s strong reaction to Amara La Negra’s colorism comments on the Breakfast Club. The controversial interview that many deemed dismissive of Amara La Negra’s point was taken completely wrong by Hennessey Carolina.

In the interview, Amara La Negra discussed the serious colorism issues in America and especially in Latin America. Charlamagne asked Amara if she thought Cardi B’s success was a result of her lighter skin to which Amara responded brilliantly with this:

Instagram @HennessyCarolina

“The concept is not the same,” she said. “Even looking at social media, and reading the comments, I know I’m not the only one. Others have said, ‘We felt it, we just didn’t want to say anything, we felt comfortable staying in the shadows.’ I don’t. You have to take the good with the bad and I’ve been hit with backlash, but I’ll take it.”

But Hennessey didn’t seem to like Amara’s body language and took to the internet with a statement that she recently deleted, but not before people dragged her for not understanding the conversation. Somebody, please get these celebs phones before they issue anymore iOS press releases.