Amara La Negra, of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, stops by to spill the tea on some drama from this season.

She recently attended a NBA basketball game, where afterward a player slid in her DM's

La Negra, also expressed how she likes to be approached in her DM's

Did she try to talk to Gunplay in her DM's?

How has Love and Hip Hop effected here music career negatively or postively?

She talks about the hate that she recieves from the the Love and Hip Hop Show?

La Negra, just participated in the Spanish version of Dancing With The Stars.

She talks about the drama from last season of Love and Hip Hop with Jessie Woo.

Amara talks about colorism in the Latino Community.

The singer also gives us some details on her dating life.

What does it mean when a woman goes on a date with a woman, she recently attended a horse back riding date with Trickdaddy and her mom.

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