Last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ended on a sour note when Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J fought (when don't they?) and called off their wedding. However, that's only the tip of the dramatic iceberg as this week things heat up even more.

The episode starts off with Kalenna and Tony Harper checking out the new club that he wants to invest their life savings in with their potential partner Kevin Edwards. While the layout of the space looks great so far, Kalenna is still hesitant about doing this, especially since talking to Stevie about it last week. Despite being nervous, she stands by her husband's side to invest in the new venture.

Later, she meets up with Joseline to discuss the new business and her insecurities with everything. However, the conversation goes from their specific issues to the difficulties of being married to your manager. And while Kalenna and Tony might be in some deep water with the new club, Joseline wants to see where Stevie is with her career. And now that Kalenna has asked Joseline to perform at the new club for their opening, this will certainly test their relationship.

Joseline and Stevie finally link up after the orange juice-throwing incident. Still unaware of what's going, Joseline finally tells Stevie that she's upset that he is working with Jessica Dime and Tiffany Foxx. And after she's done with her rant, Stevie says he's not working with them but only met with Jessica because of Mimi's company. He explains that he's devoting his time, energy and money on Joseline. She tells him about Kalenna's offer and they agree to do the performance. And to seal the deal, the couple kiss.

Meanwhile, even though Margeaux Simms and Mimi Faust almost got into a cat fight in the previous episode, it looks like Margeaux has found a new friendship in Ariane Davis, who by the way is one of Mimi's besties. The two meet up to chat, and Margeaux reveals that audio tapes featuring Mimi were recorded by a third party that both she and Nikko were working with on business deals.

With this new bomb being dropped, Ariane wants to confront Mimi about whether or not her friend has been lying to her the whole time. When Ariane speaks to Mimi about the mess, things goes south because Mimi refuses to expose everything about the sex tap. Ariane just wants her to lay everything out before Margeaux and Nikko expose it for her. Mimi learns that Ariana will be working with Margeaux, which sets Mimi off and she kicks her out.

As Yung Joc promised last week, he brought his current love, Khadiyah "KD" Lewis, to the annual gathering of his baby mamas. And as the ladies -- Fatima (the OG), Alex (the ex-wife) and Karla and Sina (the two ladies who Joc got pregnant around the same time) -- caught up on each others' lives, we find out that Alex and Joc are technically still married (though it's been years). The former couple hasn't gotten around to signing those divorce papers.

Things instantly go sour when Khadiyah calls out Sina, which sets her off. She's then pulled into the bathroom by Alex and Karla. Joc's wife tells Sina to check herself, and it's clear you don't mess with Mrs. Yung Joc. And things heat up when Alex asks KD why is she with a man who has eight kids with four women and is still married to one of them. Meanwhile, Joc is just looking on in utter disbelief at what KD started. By the end of it, she walks out and it looks like Joc and KD are done.

The rapper decided to sleep in his car that night, but just when he thinks he can smooth over things between himself and KD, he finds that the locks on the condo have been changed. Khadiyah finds out that he went over to Sina's home to make sure she was okay, which doesn't end well. She kicks Joc out and throws his stuff off of the balcony.

From the start of the season, Rasheeda Frost and Ashley Nicole have never liked each other. Her snide remarks to Rasheeda are quickly pushing her out the door of DLO Entertainment. Kirk Frost confronts Ashley about her mouth and tells her that she has to sit down with his wife, who's also VP of the company, and talk over their issues out.

The two come face to face, with Rasheeda speaking her piece about respect and how she wants Ashley off of the label. In turn, Ashley apologizes for behavior and asks for another chance. However, as she said doing her confessional, she's doing what she has to do to stay on the label. And she promises to show that she deserves to be there.

This episode ends with Mimi's decision to speak her truth to the one whom she should have been honest with since the beginning.

Unfortunately, the episode ends with this cliffhanger, which  means that we all have to tune in next week to find out about this mystery person. Who do you think Mimi is going to reveal the truth to first? Stay tuned.

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