Kanye is in town for his big show tonight at the Times Union Center, so be on the look out! And a little birdy just told me that Kim K was spotted at a Stewart's in the Cap Region!!

Getty Images
Getty Images

Ok, ok, so the birdy was WRONG! But could you imagine if you were rolling up to your favorite spot to get your Red Bull, coffee, gas etc and Kim K was up in there??

Can't you just see her chomping on a Stewart's chili dog washing it down with a Perk Up? Don't get too excited boys.

Ok, so it was a cruel joke, she was not spotted but it still could happen. Keep those eyes wide open, the Kardashians just may be right here in our backyard in support of Kanye's Yeezus tour!

I mean, think about it, Kim K was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon just the other night and that is in NYC.......hmmmm, such a convenient stop before hitting Albany???

If you have any sightings please share them with us below and on our Facebook page!!


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