The Albany FireWolves may have lost their home opener on Saturday at the Times Union Center, but the team didn't go down without a fight.


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If you haven't seen what I'm about to show you next, then you are in for a treat.

The Albany FireWolves and Rochester Knighthawks Game Had a Goalie Fight!

Allow me to set the scene, if you will. We're at the Times Union Center, and we're in the fourth quarter of the FireWolves' home opening game. The score is 13-4 in favor of the bad guys, and there is 11:54 remaining in the game.

Albany FireWolves / Kylie Tierney
Ethan Woods was in goal for the FireWolves briefly on Saturday. (Albany FireWolves / Kylie Tierney)

On what was a fairly innocuous loose ball in front of the team benches, a scrap breaks out. FireWolves' defender Mike Byrne was incensed on the play, and was taking shots from multiple members of the Knighthawks.

Sensing the mood of the situation, FireWolves' back-up goaltender Ethan Woods, who had entered the game less than five minutes before, charges toward the center of the floor. There, he is met by Knighthawks' goaltender, Rylan Hartley.

Much as they had for the opening faceoff, the FireWolves' faithful stood as one. It was deafening at the TU. Check out a few of the other angles of the scrap here:

When all was said and done, both goaltenders received game misconducts for the fight. There were four FireWolves' players in the penalty box, and three Knighthawks alongside them. It was, without a doubt, insanity.

After a bit of research, I can officially say that these events are rarities in the National Lacrosse League. I found a previous example, from five years ago, during an NLL exhibition game between Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Then, back in 2013, a fight between the Philadelphia Wings and the same Rochester group occurred.

Aside from these grainy videos, that is about it. Either way, I love all of it. As someone who grew up watching hockey, I am used to the fight game, and was lucky enough to watch a few goalie fights in my day, as well.

As a fan of the team tweeted at me Saturday evening, hopefully, the fight can ignite the group to come back strong after the holiday break.

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