Gucci Manes wife, Keyshia Ka Oir was spotted recently in a totally see through bodysuit. Ladies would you wear something like this? Fellas would you let your lady wear this?

"Cant fail from rejection, when u don't give AF about their acceptance"

The caption under her picture that she posted on her IG

For those who don't know, Keyshia Ka Oir has her own exclusive fitness line. Ka Oir fitness, founded in 2011, its a fitness line of patented fat burners, waist trainers and waist erasers designed to help people lose weight.

As I was reading threw some of the comments under her Instagram pic, she received a lot of criticism from her followers. The majority felt that it was trashy. Others said it was classy. Gucci Mane also posted a pic with her wearing the suit. If he's ok with it then who cares what anyone else says right? Ka Oir definitely has a great body. She works hard to stay fit and she has no problem showing it off. The uncensored pic is on her IG and twitter


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