K. Michelle is definitely winning right now. New album, new love interest, new body, new reality show and new Jack Daniels endorsement. But who is the album "Does Anybody Wanna Buy a Heart?" about?

Hmm, check out her interview with The Breakfast Club (below) to find out!

K. Michelle confirms she dated British actor Idris Elba for about eight months:

"We had such a creative situation and relationship that I thank him for a lot of things. He brought that music out of me. He taught me a lot,” she said. “We went through things.”

K. Michelle doesn’t feel any anger towards the British actor.

“It’s no hate for Idris. He actually was a good man and my thing is you have to go raise your child and what I’m not going to do is get in the way of that. I’m not in the way of his baby mother and his family right now. I’ve been a woman.”

Wait a minute! How did these two meet? At the Soul Train Awards apparently, but K is off da hook. This is what she said to him when he approached her. Watch the interview to see what she said.


K Michelle's new album "Can Anybody Buy a Heart" is in stores right now.