The potentially deadly virus is spreading further into New York. Should Capital Region residents be concerned?

When most of us were children we likely received the measles shot to prevent us from getting that and mumps. However that has not stopped the virus from spreading and now it is creeping ever closer to the Capital Region.

How Concerned Should We Be?

Most of the cases of measles in New York were found in New York City - until now. There have been three reported cases in NYS so far in 2024 - the latest coming out of Nassau County.

As a parent I am concerned that this type of thing will spread in areas where my kids play like playgrounds and at large places like the mall. After all, measles is spread through the air when someone coughs. While kids are protected at schools where most require the vaccine, there are some that do not based on religious beliefs as well as folks basing health decisions on misinformation.

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It's very important to make sure your kids, and yourself, have the measles shot. While you will likely recover from the disease, WIBX reports that if you do catch the virus you could face long term health affects from it.

17 States in total have reported cases of measles in 2024. Keep in mind this disease was once declared gone. Sadly, it appears to have made a comeback.

Learn more about measles and what you can do to help prevent it here.

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